Fields of work

Below you will find a selection of my current and previous working areas.

Highlithing sociological perspectives in Comparative Public Policy

  • Science and Research in Society
    Within this field, I am especially interested in the effects of higher education and science policy frameworks (I) on scientific knowledge production, but also (II) on the broader social change.
  • Evaluation in Society
    I also do research on evaluation. Within this subject matter, I address the institutionalization process of evaluation – on a global scale. For example, within the Evaluation GLOBE research project I study the institutionalization of evaluation in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa. More information can be found here:

    The overarching objective of this research strand is to explore variants of evaluation policy – or more broadly, of different evaluation systems, as institutionalization unfolds systemically – and seek political-sociological explanations for their emergence.

Application and study of Social Research Methods

  • Methodology of Social Sciences and Methods of Empirical Social Research
    Within this field I consider how adequate methodologies can be applied even under real world restrictions, applied social research often faces. Special interest is given to particularities of evaluation designs, mixed methods approaches and survey methodology in the field of evaluation.

Sustainability and Social Transformations

  • Measuring Sustainability and the SDGs
    In this area of work, I am concerned with the instsitutionalization of measurements, monitoring and evaluation of sustainability and the SDGs, particularly in the context of international cooperation and within the field of science and higher education.