Welcome to my webpage! I’m Niklas Zierke – social researcher with a background in sociology and science studies. My focus is on public policy, evaluation, sustainability, and the methodology of social sciences.

I am a Research Associate at the Department of Sociology at Saarland University, where I’m systematically studying the phenomenon of evaluation in various social domains and political fields in global comparative perspective.

Moreover, at the Center for Evaluation (CEval), I conduct practical evaluation projects and support clients with evidence-informed decision-making processes. My work is guided by a sociological and systemic understanding of the evaluation process and evaluation itself.

My thematic focus areas are:
– Science, Research and Higher Education
– International Cooperation
– Organizations
– Health

Good evaluation is methodologically sound, participatory, self-reflective, and aims at evidence-informed and value-based program design and decisions. The reflective knowledge it provides can cause productive irritations, which can always be the starting point for learning processes.

Whats makes a good evaluation? zierke.ch
Interview with an expert on the iron ore smelting process in Völklingen
At West Africa Democracy Radio