Fotografie bzw. Bild von Niklas Zierke. Copyright 2016.

I’am a first year master student in Science Studies at the Humboldt-University of Berlin. I have done my bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the University of Mannheim. My minor was Psychology.

Moreover I studied Communication Sciences in Mannheim as well as History and Cultural Studies at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg. Therefore I’m always interested in topics with cross connections to these disciplines.

My favorite fields of study are ...

  • science studies
    • quantitative methods and scientometrics
    • research evaluation and quality assurance at universities
    • science policy
    • higher education research and sociology of education
    • sociology, philosophy and history of science
  • technology studies
    • innovation studies
    • technology transfer
  • social psychology and microsociology
  • economic sociology
  • organisational studies
  • analytical sociology

Methodological interests

I’m methodologically interested the most in:

  • quantitative methods of empirical social research
  • social networks analysis
  • comparative historical research

My science blog

Topic: Writing about Science and Society.

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